The listed finishes are available from stock on selected Von Morris products. Please call for availability of your desired product/finish combination. If the product is not stocked in the desired finish, special plating and finishing are available.
Von Morris also offers many custom finishes. Some of these are listed in the custom finishes table below.


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Distressed and/or matte finishes are available for any of the above finishes. Please contact us for information, pricing and lead time. If there is any other finish you desire, contact us for information.


ETERNA™ Life Long Finish


The rich luster of highly polished brass has been cherished for centuries for its luxury, quality and elegant beauty. An inherent characteristic of brass, however, is that without fail it will tarnish over time due to exposure to air, moisture, and ultraviolet rays. Clear coat finishes have delayed the tarnishing, but by no means stopped it. It has never been possible to offer a guarantee for a clearcoat finish.


Von Morris is very pleased to introduce our new ETERNA™ life long finish as the solution to this problem.


ETERNA™ life long finish is a proprietary blend of space age materials which is applied to Von Morris hinges in multiple layers over polished brass to produce the durability of armor plate.


ETERNA™ life long finish is guaranteed to the original buyer not to tarnish, pit, flake or discolor for as long as he or she owns the product.


ETERNA™ life long finish products are supplied with screws and accessories in a matching ETERNA™ life long finish.


ETERNA™ life long finish is available on most Von Morris products. It is identified by the finish code 605E.


Von Morris has now made it possible for you to enjoy the elegance and beauty of polished brass with the assurance of the permanence of its lustrous finish.

Von Morris is a manufacturer of extraordinary architectural hardware including specially designed suited trim, knobs, levers, rosettes, turn piece trim, collars, push plates, specialty locks, hinges, and hardware accessories. The suited trim line consists of Art Deco, Bamboo, Beaded, Ribbon and Reed, Moorestown, and Weave styles. Specialty locks for many uses include cremone bolt locks, screen door locks, deadbolts, mortise locks and pocket door locks. Hinge styles include brass full mortise, olive knuckle, paumelle and cabinet hinges. Hardware accessories include handrail brackets, bolts, and door hardware. Products are offered in thirty available finishes.

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