Five Knuckle - Loose Pin - Solid Extruded Brass Mortise Cabinet Hinge:

All hinges are packed with solid brass type “A” tapping flathead screws of the appropriate size. See above chart.

Brass Cabinet Hinges are supplied with threaded Decorative Ball Finials. Other finials are available at additional cost.

All finials are threaded into the barrel of the hinge to prevent the pin from rising.

All finials are sized to match the diameter of the hinge barrels to which they are mounted.

60-3020 hinges use finials 60-FF-L or 60-UF-L. All others use either 60-FF or 60-UF.


Hinge Body: Hinge body is manufactured from CDA alloy 38500 brass. It is machined from an extruded bar, resulting in a hinge with high strength and precision tolerances. The hinges are beveled at the barrel to provide a close fit when the hinge is both open and closed.

Finish: Hinges are individually hand polished assuring an even finish with no unpolished areas. Von Morris extruded hinges are available in over 30 standard finishes. Custom finishing is available. Please refer to the Price List.

Pins: Pins are machined from 304 series Stainless Steel for high durability and resistance to rust. One end is rounded to facilitate re-assembly, while the other end is knurled to keep the pin from dropping through the hinge barrel during re-assembly. The pin is held in place by the threaded finials and can be easily removed by unthreading the finials and tapping the pin up from the bottom.

Fasteners: All hinges are provided with type “A” tapping screws. These are solid brass, flat head, counter sunk, undercut phillips head screws. All screws are lacquered to prevent tarnishing. Screws are bagged either four per bag or six per bag to facilitate sales of half pairs.

Packing: Each hinge is individually bagged with screws. Cabinet hinges are packed four pairs per box, 80 pairs per master carton.

Finials: Cabinet hinges come with threaded ball finials installed. Other finials are available, packed in sets of four.

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