Pocket Door Edge Pull:


The 9202 Edge Pull is designed for use on pocket doors when no locking or latching is required. Case and front sizes are reduced for ease of installation. Case sides are smooth with no projections for easy mortising. Can be used with our 82010 or 82110 Recessed Flush Pulls for single and double door applications. The minimum door thickness is 1-3/8".

Case Size

2.77" x 3.75" x 0.563"


Heavy steel with zinc dichromate finish, 6.0" x 0.875". Heavy wrought brass armored front finished to match trim.


For single door applications where a latching feature is desired use 9200 lock. For double meeting doors where a latching feature is desired use the 9200 and 9100. For single and double door applications where a latching feature is not desired use the 9202 mortise edge pull.

Edge Pull

Brass edge pull is released with a push on the center button. Edge pull and center button supplied standard in 606 or 619 finish.

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