Passage Interior Mortise Lock:


Heavy duty steel case with smooth exterior for ease of installation. Case is zinc dichromated for corrosion resistance. Interior mechanism is a combination of heavy zinc dichromated steel, Forged Brass and Stainless Steel components. Armored front protects against tampering with cylinder tension screws and hub tension adjusting screws. Latch is extremely versatile. Springing is infinitely adjustable for any size knob or lever. Two way hub rotation allows lock to be installed with the turn piece either above or below the knob or lever. Hub position adjustment allows proper positioning of lever. Hub Position is adjusted with a single screw located on the front side of the lock case to facilitate the adjustment of the hub position so that levers are horizontal and oval knobs are straight. It allows adjustment of up to 5 degrees in either direction. Latch bolt is easily reversible without opening the case. Our privacy lock allows for various locking functions: turn piece, cylinder or bit key. The minimum recommended door thickness is 1-3/8".

Case Size

0.563" x 3.25" x 4.50"


Heavy Duty steel with zinc dichromate finish. 1" x 5.75" front is large enough to install in retrofit applications without the use of fillers. Heavy wrought brass armored front covers latch installation screws, cylinder tension screw, hub tension screw and is available in finishes to match trim.

Latch Bolt

Brass latch bolt, 0.50" x 0.625" with a 0.50" throw. Latch bolt is field reversible by simply rotating the bolt. Bolt is held in position by the armored front.

Dead Bolt

0.36" x 0.86" with a 0.50" throw.


Star broach (7mm diamond/8mm square) with two way rotation, 20 degree release. Hub tension is infinitely adjustable with a screw in the latch front. Adjustable hub angle.


2.25" spindle hub to turnpiece or bit key; 2.467" spindle to cylinder.




Wrought Brass curved lip strike finished to match. Please specify handing when ordering. All latches furnished with a solid brass dust box.

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