Stainless Steel Screen Door Lock:


The Latch Case is manufactured from solid 304 Stainless Steel for superior strength and corrosion resistance. Its small size makes mortising easy. Its smooth sides provide easy insertion and allow a snug fit in the door mortise. Interior working parts are solid forged brass. The Finished Brass Front is applied over a brass sub face plate. The Knob/Lever stainless steel springing is separate from the latch bolt springing to prevent lever sag yet still allow the door to latch easily on its own. No need to operate the latch to close the door. The Latch Bolt is field reversible. The Dead Bolt uses a rack and pinion gear drive and a Stainless Steel spring for smooth and trouble free operation. Two way hub rotation allows lock to be installed with the turn piece either above or below the lever. The minimum recommended door thickness is 1-1/8". We recommend addition of a Thick Door Kit for doors over 1-3/8". These Latches are not recommended for doors over 1-3/4" thick.


Latch Bolt by Knob outside and Lever inside. Deadbolt by Oval Turnpiece inside.

Case Size

2.0" x 2.1" x 0.5"

Latch Bolt

0.50" x 0.30" forged brass furnished in machined brass finish. 0.313" throw.

Dead Bolt

0.30" round extruded brass furnished in machined brass finish. 0.313" throw.


7mm square with two way rotation.


Knob hub to Turnpiece hub, 1.0".




Straight Lip Strike furnished in finish matching trim. Extended lip strikes available.

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