Olive Knuckle Hinge - Solid Forged Brass Ball Bearing - Heavy Weight:

- Solid Forged Brass
- Concealed Ball Bearing on 19-7055 only
- Heavy Weight
- Hand Polished
- All Olive Knuckle Hinges are Handed. Specify Hand of Hinge When Ordering

Olive Knuckle - Heavy Weight - Hinge Sizes:
L 6.0" W 4.0" Gauge 0.255" Screw 12 x 1.25"
L 6.0" W 4.5" Gauge 0.255" Screw 12 x 1.25"
L 6.0" W 5.0" Gauge 0.255" Screw 12 x 1.25"
L 7.0" W 5.5" Gauge 0.310" Screw 12 x 1.25"

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