Our Story

Designing and manufacturing decorative architectural hardware for more than 30 years

Our Beginning

Eric Morris has been designing and manufacturing decorative architectural hardware for more than 30 years. He is passionate about his work and it has always been his goal to produce heirloom quality products that will stand the test of time. Quality is inherent in the product, starting with the aesthetic design and carrying through to the manufacture with quality inspections at every step of production. Von Morris was founded in 1990, producing high end architectural hardware for the USA market. Over time the product line grew to incorporate all areas of door hardware.

Our Expansion

The Von Morris brand was mainly marketed in the Americas from 1990 through 2008. Following 2008, the Von Morris brand was introduced to the China market. At the same time Eric Morris founded the Eric Morris & Company brand to build upon the heritage of Von Morris. The Eric Morris & Company brand takes the basis of quality, in design and production, and enhances that with the addition of hand craftsmanship. Hand chiseling adds a handmade texture and feel and imbues it with a soul. The company has completed many projects internationally; China Land (HBA Design) in Kunshan, Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) (Architect: Richard Landry Associates, Interior Design: Bradfield & Tobin) in Sheshan, Shanghai, along with many historic properties in Shanghai, Jakarta, as well as hotels in Macau and Manila, Philippines. These are but a few of the projects we have completed. The two brands continue to work on some of the most prestigious projects in China and the world.


The materials used are mainly brass, bronze and stainless steel. Modern high tech processes such as 3D solid modeling, 3D printing and CNC machining are used to produce a high precision product. More traditional methods such as hot forging, precision lost wax casting, hand chiseling and hand polishing are added to the mix of processes to elevate the products from simply high quality door hardware to works of art. Each piece is touched by human hands over and over in the manufacturing process to ensure that only the finest product, both mechanically and aesthetically, leaves the factory. We feel that it is our unique combination of precision processes and traditional craft that separates our products from those of any other brand, or any other nation.