Art Deco-Two Knuckle -Lift Off Hinge-Plain Bearing

Art Deco Lift-Off Hinges

Art Deco-Two Knuckle -Lift Off Hinge-Plain Bearing

-Art Deco Design
-Solid Extruded Brass
-Lift Off Hinge
-Hand Polished
-Plain Bearing

Item Numbers
HIN-198 - 3.5" X 4.0" Art Deco Lift Off Hinge
HIN-199 - 4.0" X 4.5" Art Deco Lift Off Hinge
HIN-200 - 4.5" X 5.0" Art Deco Lift Off Hinge

  • Category:Specialty Hinges
  • Suited:Yes
  • Collection:Art Deco

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  • Hinge Body:

    Hinge body is manufactured from CDA alloy 38500 brass. It is machined from extruded bar resulting in a hinge with high strength and precision tolerances. The hinges are beveled at the barrel to provide a close fit when the hinge is both opened and closed.


    Hinges are individually hand polished assuring an even finish with no unpolished areas. Von Morris extruded hinges are available in over 30 finishes. Please refer to the Price List.


    All hinges are supplied with type "A" tapping screws. The screws are solid brass, flat head, counter sunk, undercut Phillips head . All screws are lacquered to prevent tarnishing. Screws are packed six per bag or eight per back to facilitate the sale of single hinges. #12 machine screws available upo request.


    Two Hinges per box with screws included. Each hinge is individually poly bagged to prevent scratching. Hinges are packed 20 boxes per master carton.

    Number of Hinges:

    For doors up to 89 inches, use three hinges. For each additional 30 inches or fraction thereof, use one additional hinge.