Beaded Escutcheons

Beaded Push Plate

Beaded Escutcheons

- Highly Detailed Beaded Design
- Hand Polished
- Forged Brass Escutcheon Inside and Outside
- Plates available with Cuts for all Von Morris Locks as well as Custom Cuts for other Manufacturers’ Locks

Item Numbers
84700 - Cut for Knob
84710 - Cut for Turn w/Turn
84711 - Cut for ER
84712 - Cut for Bit Key
84713 - Cut for Cylinder
84715 - Blank Push Plate
84716L - Cut for Privacy Pin
84716R - Cut for Privacy Pin
84717 - Entry CFC
84718 - Entry CFT w/T
84719 - Entry Cut For Knob

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  • Forged Brass Escutcheons inside and outside.

    Highly detailed beads and knurl surround ogee in field.

    8806-243 Knob standard; Also available with 8831 Lever.

    Forged Brass Turnpiece.

    Plates available with cuts for all Von Morris Locks as well as custom cuts for other manufacturers’ locks.

    Blank Plates available, Part No. 84715.

    See price list for details. Specify door thickness when ordering.