Decorative Olive Knuckle Trim Rings

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Decorative Olive Knuckle Trim Rings

Optional Decorative Trim Rings to aesthetically enhance our already beautiful Olive Knuckle Hinges. These trim rings are installed after removing the smooth trim trim ring supplied as standard. These Decorative Olive Knuckle Trim rings fit all door sized 19 series Olive knuckle hinges, both standard weight and heavy weight. These are trim rings only. Hinges ordered separately.

Item Numbers
HIN224 - Beaded Olive Knuckle Ring
HIN225 - Straight Knurled Olive Knuckle Ring
HIN226 - Diamond Knurled Olive Knuckle Ring
HIN227 - Double Cove Olive Knuckle Ring
HIN228 - Domed Olive Knuckle Ring
HIN229 - Hand Chiseled Olive Knuckle Ring
HIN230 - Weave Olive Knuckle Ring

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