Earlham Screen Door Trim

Earlham Screen Door Lock

Earlham Screen Door Trim

- Oval Design
- Solid Forged Brass Knobs, Levers and Thumb Turns
- Hand Polished
- Can be paired with either knob or lever
- Specify Handing when Ordering
- Line Art and Image May Not Reflect True Product Size

Item Numbers
8020/9001 - Earlham Screen Door Lock Set w/Traditional Lever. Stainless Steel Lock.
8027/9001 - Earlham Screen Door Lock Set w/Rat Tail Lever. Stainless Steel Lock.
8028/9001 - Earlham Screen Door Lock Set w/Curved Lever (handed). Stainless Steel Lock.
8020FD - Earlham Full Dummy Set w/Traditional Lever
8027FD - Earlham Full Dummy Set w/Rat Tail Lever
8028FD - Earlham Full Dummy Set w/Curved Lever (handed)
8020KN - Earlham Outside Escutcheon
8020KT - Earlham Inside Escutcheon

  • Category:Screen Door Trim
  • Suited:No
  • Collection:Oval (Westown, Earlham, Moreland)

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  • Handsome Heavy Forged Oval Brass Knob outside.

    Elegant Solid Brass Lever inside.

    Forged Brass Oval Turnpiece inside.

    Heavy Wrought Brass Escutcheons inside and outside.

    See next page for inside trim and choice of levers.

    Outside Trim illustrated; Lever by Lever also available.