Moorestown Standard/Passage Cremone Bolt

Moorestown Standard Cremone

Moorestown Standard/Passage Cremone Bolt

-Solid Brass Case
-Hand Polished
-Perfect for French Doors and Windows
-Ideal for Pantry Doors

Item Numbers
BOL136-84 - Moorestown Standard/ Passage Cremone Bolt for 7'0" Door
BOL136-96 - Moorestown Standard/Passage Cremone Bolt for 8'0" Door
BOL136-120 - Moorestown Standard/Passage Cremone Bolt for 10'0" Door

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  • Von Morris Moorestown Cremone Bolts feature a solid brass case CNC milled from brass billet and guides with an internal mechanism of brass and stainless steel. The Standard Cremone case is very narrow, less than 1.5" for use on narrow stile French doors and windows. The cremone case contains a cassette mechanism that can be handed simply by reversing the cassette. The Cremone can also be be easily changed from lever operation (90 degree rotation) to knob operation (180 degree operation) simply by relocating the spindle. Shoot bolts are attached to the Cremone mechanism with machine screws. Price includes a half a pair of Small Moorestown Knobs or Levers.

    End Guides have a flat spring operating on the front of the bolt to prevent rattling. The length of the Guide and placement of the spring conceals any scratches on the bolt caused by the spring. This End Guide design allows the bolts to be installed on the door and then cut to length on the job site.

    Knob-180 degree rotation

    Lever-90 degree rotation

    Length of Case: 10.5"

    Width of Case: 1.463"

    Height to edge of case: .0787"

    Height to edge of knob/lever boss: 1.024"

    Knob operation-1.00"

    Lever operation-0.75"

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