Moreland Pocket Door Lock

Moreland Pocket Door Lock

Moreland Pocket Door Lock

- Oval Plate with Recessed Center
- Brass Recessed Pull Ring
- Solid Forged Brass Finger Pull
- Hand Polished
- Plates avilalble in Five Options: Drop Ring, ER Button, Cut for Cylinder, Bit Key, and Blank
- Suited Pocket Door Hardware is Made to Order

Item Numbers
82090 - Moreland Passage Set
82091 - Moreland Privacy Set
82092 - Moreland Bit Key Set
82093 - Moreland Single Cylinder Set
82094 - Moreland Double Cylinder Set
82095 - Moreland Non-latching Passage Set
82096 - Moreland Patio Set
82097 - Moreland Edge Pull Set
82040 - Moreland Oval Plate w/Drop ring
82020 - Moreland Oval Plate w/ER Button
82050 - Moreland Oval Plate w/Cylinder Cut-out
82030 - Moreland Oval Plate w/Bit Key Cut-Out
82010 - Moreland Oval Blank Plate

  • Category:Pocket Door Trim
  • Suited:No
  • Collection:Oval (Westown, Earlham, Moreland)

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  • Heavy wrought brass recess pull.

    Forged Turnpiece with backplate and drop ring designed to eliminate visible scratches on the recessed plate.

    Forged Emergency Release Turnpiece is to use. Operates with any coin, key bow tip screwdriver.

    Will not interfere with surrounding millwork.

    Used both sides with 82090 passage set.

    Used inside with 82091 privacy set.

    Used inside with 82093 single cylinder set.

    Used inside with 82096 patio set.

    Used both sides with 82094 double cylinder set.

    Can be used inside with 82096 if key function is required. When used, replaces 82040 plate.

    Cut for cylinder.

    Shown with cylinder; not included.

    See price list for complete sets. Specify door thickness when ordering.