Pocket Door Dustproof Strike

Pocket Door Dustproof Strike
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Pocket Door Dustproof Strike

- Classic Design
- Solid Forged Brass
- Item #92004

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92004 - Dustproof Strike

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  • This Pocket Door Lock (9200) has been engineered for durability, ease of installation and versatility. The lock body is constructed from heavy duty steel with a zinc dichromate finish. It has the smallest possible case and smooth sides to ease installation. The lock body has several function kits available to convert the lock from Turnpiece to Mortise Cylinder or Bit Key operation. Lock body has built in edge pull. Also available as dummy lock (9201) with built in edge pull to be used on pairs of doors. The 9200 hook bolt will latch into the 9201 body. The 9201 dummy lock has a dustproof strike with spring loaded cover for latch hole and built in edge pull. It replaces the dustproof strike (92004) in double door applications and provides a clean, neat installation. The minimum door thickness is 1-3/8” and the maximum door thickness is 3”.

    Heavy steel with zinc dichromate finish. 8.00" x 0.875" front is sized to allow use in double door installations with the use of standard mouldings. Heavy wrought brass armored front finished to match trim. Front covers latch installation screws and cylinder tension screw.

    For single door applications where a latching feature is desired use 9200 lock. For double meeting doors where a latching feature is desired use the 9200 and 9201. For single and double door applications where a latching feature is not desired use the 9202 mortise edge pull. See next page.

    Brass Hook Bolt is finished in either 605 or 619 finish.

    Brass Edge Pull is released with a push on the retracted hook bolt on 9200 lock. Use center button on 9201.

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