Ribbon & Reed Multi-Point Lock trim

Ribbon & Reed Multi-Point Lock Trim

Ribbon & Reed Multi-Point Lock trim

Von Morris Ribbon & Reed Multi-Point lock trim is custom made to order. Your trim will be crafted to the door specifications/details/measurements you provide.

In classic Von Morris style, paying exacting attention to detail, all Von Morris escutcheon plates may be modified to fit a multitude of Multi-Point locks in either Euro Profile Cylinder or American Cylinder.

The Von Morris American Cylinder Multi-Point trim is different from other manufactures. Von Morris has redesigned every aspect of the Multi-Point Trim, including the American Cylinder Mounting Blocks. Instead of one generic block mounted to all styles, each suite gets its own unique suited block. For profile cylinder trims, the turn piece mounted to the profile cylinder is the same design as the trim.

Von Morris is the only mainline manufacturer to stay true to its suited line, offering the same attention to detail that is available in every knob, lever, rose and escutcheon plate. This allows you to complete a full hardware schedule with the same style, detail, quality, and value for which the Von Morris product has come to be known.

Item Numbers
71401 - Ribbon & Reed Profile/European Cylinder MP Active
71402 - Ribbon & Reed Profile/European Cylinder Full Dummy
71403 - Ribbon & Reed Profile/European Cylinder Passage
71404 - Ribbon & Reed Profile/European Cylinder Patio
71405 - Ribbon & Reed Profile/European Cylinder Fixed Ext./Active Int.
72401 - Ribbon & Reed American Cylinder MP Active
72402 - Ribbon & Reed American Cylinder Full Dummy
72403 - Ribbon & Reed American Cylinder Passage
72404 - Ribbon & Reed American Cylinder Patio
72405 - Ribbon & Reed American Cylinder Fixed./Active Int.

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  • Solid forged brass lever and plate.

    Lost wax cast lever and plate

    Adaptor for American cylinder block has the same detailing as rest of Ribbon & Reed suite

    Turn pieces for both American cylinder and European Profile cylinder share the same detailing as rest of Ribbon & Reed suite.

    Available in solid and mixed finishes.

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