Standard Cremone Bolt

Passage Cremone Bolt

Standard Cremone Bolt

Solid Forged Brass
- Hand Polished
- Perfect for French Doors and Windows
- Bolts can be used with any Von Morris Knob or Lever.
- Available in Dummy (Non-Functioning) Styles
- Knobs, Levers and Trim Must be Ordered Separately

- Item #2701

Item Numbers
2701/84 - Standard Cremone Bolt for 7'0" Door
2701/96 - Standard Cremone Bolt for 8'0 Door
2701/120 - Standard Cremone Bolt for 10'0 Door

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  • Spindle Height:

    Standard spindle height is 42".

    Standard Lengths:

    7', 8' and 10' Other sizes by special order. Bolts can be cut to size at job site.


    Cremones are supplied with a 2" special spindle for single sided operation.


    Cremone Bolts are supplied with Mortise and Universal strikes. Angle strikes and Box strikes are available at an additional cost.

    Von Morris Cremone Bolts feature forged solid brass case and guides with an internal mechanism of brass and stainless steel. The Cremone case is very narrow, less than 1.5", for use on narrow stiles of French doors and windows. Cremone case contains a cassette mechanism that can be handed simply by reversing the cassette. The Cremone can also be easily changed from lever operation (90° rotation) to knob operation (180°) simply by relocating the spindle. Shoot Bolts are attached to the Cremone mechanism with machine screws. These machine screws are covered with interchangeable Frogs. Various Frogs are available to allow you to suite the Cremone Bolt. Cremone Bolts can be used with any Von Morris Knob or Lever. For double sided application, any appropriate Von Morris trim can be used. Knobs, levers and trim must be ordered separately.

    End Guides have a flat spring operating on the front of the bolt to prevent rattling. The length of the Guide and placement of the spring conceals any scratches on the bolt caused by the spring. This End Guide design allows the bolts to be installed on the door and then cut to length at the job site. Two Frogs are attached to the ends of the Cremone case with #8 x 1.0" screws and hide the attachment of the Shoot Bolts. One Frog is attached to the end of each End Guide.

    Lever - 90° rotation.

    Knob - 180° rotation.

    Length from end of Frog to end of Frog: 7.965"

    Width: 1.463"

    Height to edge of case: 0.787"

    Height to face of knob/lever boss: 1.024"

    Knob Operation – 1.00"

    Lever Operation – 0.75"

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